DA14531MOD: Remapping SWDIO (P0_10) & SWCLK (P0_2) to GPIOs and then back to SWDIO and SWCLK


By default, P0_10 (SWDIO) and P0_2 (SWCLK) are JTAG programming pins of DA14531MOD. Let's say, I change the mapping of these pins in my program as GPIOs. Will I be able to program the module again? If not, what can I do to reprogram the module using the JTAG interface?

Thank you.



  • Hi There, 

    In the case of DA14531MOD the, SWD pins can not be remapped to other pins. So, if you need to use the P0_10 (SWDIO) and P0_2 (SWCLK) as GPIOs, you should disable the debugger in your software. Suppose that the FW with the SDW disabled is running from SPIO Flash. With the current FW running, you cannot use the SWD interface. So, you will need to erase the flash with 1-wire UART on P05 ( reset on P00 is mandatory). After that, you can re-enable the SWD in your SW.