DA16200: Is there a way to set the Keep-Alive of the MQTT Server (AWS MQTT Broker) using DA Module ?

Hi Renesas Team,

I am  using the Dialog Module DA16200 connected to a Host MCU for MQTT.

DA16200 is used as an MQTT Client in this project.

I had configured the dialog module to wake up from DPM and  ping the MQTT Server(AWS Broker) every 10 minutes to the server to keep the connection alive.

For this I programmed the Host MCU to send the AT command "AT+NWMQPING=600" to configure this.

The pings are working fine. However, the AWS MQTT Broker disconnects the connection with DA Module after 5 minutes.

This means that there is a disconnection between AWS MQTT Broker and DA Module from the 6th Minute to the 10th Minute. 

It seems that the Keep-Alive of the AWS MQTT Broker is set at 5 minutes instead of 10. 

My question is: Is there a way to set the Keep Alive of AWS MQTT Broker using DA Module to the desired value of 10 minutes?

Thank you so much for your support,



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